SARS has issued correspondence for your VAT audit; it requires your immediate attention

How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit

Dear Vat payer,

The words ‘Vat audit’ send shivers down most Vat payer’s spines...

Once you’ve gotten over the shock that your company’s been chosen for a Vat audit, you have to wait for that dreaded day to arrive where you’ll spend hours on end sitting with auditors



or running around to search through accounts, Vat returns and audit trails.

This isn’t only time consuming, it’s a downright nerve-racking experience!

Now imagine, only 20 minutes into the audit the team finds a mistake that you made two years ago. Because you don’t know what to expect, you start doubting whether or not all your Vat papers are compliant!

Put those fears to bed today!

Ex-SARS auditor Dee Bezuidenhout has put together a special tool detailing these five red-flags as well as everything you need to survive every Vat audit you’ll ever have…

Yes! I want to discover how to survive a SARS Vat Audit!

Dee’s going to help make your next Vat audit a clean one…

Having a clean audit isn’t as far fetched as you may think! Thanks to Dee’s How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit, it’s easier to come out of a Vat audit unharmed by SARS than you ever thought possible!

You see, Dee’s poured her over 23 years of SARS auditor experience into this tool to provide you with everything you need to survive and conquer your next Vat audit.

She’ll show you what it takes to get through them as pain-free and quickly as possible...

So you never have to worry when that audit notice lands on your desk again!

Yes! I want to discover how to survive a SARS Vat Audit!

Yes! I want to discover how to survive a SARS Vat Audit!

Be 100% confident you’ll survive your next audit...

In How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit you’ll discover:

Strategies to beat the Vat audit by understanding the five red-flags auditors look for when performing their Vat audits...
What to expect from a Vat audit so you never feel intimidated by a SARS’ audit team again...
How SARS auditors assess your compliance. Knowing this will ensure you’re no longer in the dark about what SARS is looking for. It’ll also help get SARS out your business as quickly as possible...
And much more!


No more sleepless nights worrying about that audit notice you received...

No more feeling like you’re in the dark about what the audit team is looking for...

And no more feeling intimidated when the dreaded audit team arrives!

How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit will help you be 100% confident you’ll survive and conquer your next Vat audit.

Yes! I want to discover how to survive a SARS Vat Audit!

Yes! I want to discover how to survive a SARS Vat Audit!

Make Vat audit stress a thing of the past…

For only R349, How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit will provide you with all the tools you need to survive your next Vat audit...

That’s R1,300 less than what you’d pay a Vat consultant for an hour of his time! And you’ll need a lot more than one hour to gain all the information you’ll get in this must-have tool.

Get your copy today!

Here’s to surviving Vat audits...

Kind regards,

Natalie Cousens

FSP Business

P.S Order today and you’ll also get a full 30-days risk-free money back guarantee. If at any point during that period you feel How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit can’t help you survive a Vat audit, simply return it and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit

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